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Designing for sustainable urban travel.

We believe in giving something back to society. After all, society has helped to train engineers and it keeps us all in a job!

If you represent a walking or cycling group, or perhaps a community group which needs a little engineering help, we might be able to assist. We won’t be able to work miracles, but if you need an hour or two to discuss your project or if a talk about what is possible can help, then please contact us and we’ll see what we can do. Below, is a list of some of the talks and other things Mark has been involved with.

Ideas With Beers

Mark gave a brief talk in March 2022 about what might be our design desires for better streets and some of the quicker ways things could be achieved in the short to medium term to claim and reclaim space from motor traffic. You can download his slides here and watch his presentation here.


Mark gave a talk on “What makes good cycle routes” covering the 5 design principles of cycling infrastructure design, along with a roundup on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods at the group’s 18th May 2021 meeting. The slides can be downloaded as a PDF here and a video of the session can be watched here.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign

Mark was a guest panelist at Camcycle’s 2020 AGM and he followed up giving a talk for the Beyond the Bicycle Coalition at the group’s May 2020 meeting.

Guest Blog for Brake – Road Safety Week 2019

Mark shares his views on autonomous vehicles in a guest blog with Brake ahead of Road Safety Week and he shares a view on the safe systems approach to make streets safe for cycling.

King Street Design Competition

A little while back, the Aberdeen Cycle Forum ran a competition inviting people to submit ideas on how King Street in Aberdeen could be modernised to provide protected cycling space. We submitted some ideas with a covering report setting out our vision and guess what? We won!

We are very pleased to be able to share our concept design and report which might help other people think about how their main streets could be changed. As you will read, there are some tricky design choices to be made and you may have your own opinions, but debate and discussion is a good thing.

The competition did come with a prize of a voucher to be spent with Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative and we are delighted to announce that this will be used to help our friends at Wheels for Wellbeing, who do so much to get help disabled people to get cycling and who campaign for our streets to be made accessible for disabled people who want to cycle.

Guest blog for Brake – Road Safety Week 2018

Our founder and chief engineer shares his views on cycling and road safety in a guest blog with Brake ahead of Road Safety Week.