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Designing for active urban travel.

There always seems to be a innovation in street design, often based in exciting new technology. However, the basics are often forgotten and in reality, it’s the clever use and deployment of civil engineering elements, concrete, asphalt and landscaping which can actually transform a place from a hostile road to a welcoming street. Our ‘Making Streets Better’ series aims to help you with the basics.

The Joy Of Kerbs – V1

This guide gives you the essential background to the the basics, kerb types and materials; how kerbs can help us deliver walking and cycling schemes; how kerbs should be installed and how we can use kerbs creatively. It also looks at some missing elements which would make it much easier to deliver street improvements for active travel.

A Guide To Filtered Permeability – V2

This guide complements a training session on filtered permeability which can be delivered either as a half-day session with a short workshop, or tailored as a full-day session with a more detailed workshop which can be used to discuss and debate any real schemes you might be thinking about. Contact us for more information.

Coming soon – Clutter Buster

This guide will give you the background on how street clutter can be minimised and how to deal with streets which have too much ‘stuff’ in them. Coming in 2020.