Clutter Buster

The Traffic Light Tree, Docklands, London. Is it clutter or public art? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (although we think it’s great!)

It’s been a while since we posted here, but it’s nice to do so again on the release of the latest guide in our “Making Streets Better” series. “Clutter Buster” takes the reader through the basics of street terminology and after pointing out that much of the clutter on the streets is there to manage drivers and motor traffic, it dives into a little more detail on a variety of subjects and the sources of clutter;

  • Traffic signs,
  • Parking and loading,
  • Telecommunications and utilities,
  • Motor vehicle charging,
  • Security and counter-terrorism,
  • Bus stops,
  • Cycling,
  • General issues,
  • Temporary and experimental street changes,

The final chapter then provides insight into how clutter can be reduced with some examples how policy, good design and working with people can lead to better outcomes.

Clutter isn’t just an aesthetic issue, it creates physical restrictions and barriers which make it difficult and sometimes impossible to pass. A-barriers on cycle paths, advert boards on footways and badly placed bollards make life difficult for many people. Creating places where clutter is managed properly will remove barriers (literally and figuratively) for many people and make life better for all of us.

Inspiration for the guide came from our founder’s Ranty Highwayman blog post way back in 2014 of the same title and it contains observations and tips for years of working in the (mainly urban) highways industry. One of the key points is that things on the street need to be doing a job and it’s even better if they do more than one job!

So, have a read through, see what you think and let us know if we’ve got something wrong, or if you think there’s a burning issue we should cover – contact us here.

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