Filtered Permeability

It’s been at a relatively gentle pace, but we’re in the process of putting the finishing touches to our first home-grown project to develop a training package and guidance for delivering filtered permeability schemes. Thanks to those who have provided feedback, it is very much appreciated. The draft guidance is still available on our Services page and there is still time for you to take a look.

Dr Steve Melia of the University of the West of England (UWE) is credited with coining the term, which was nicely defined in the Town & Country Planning Association/ Communities & Local Government “Eco Towns Transport Worksheet”, March 2008;

“Filtered permeability is the principle followed in European towns and cities most successful in restraining car use. It means separating the sustainable modes from private motor traffic in order to give them an advantage in terms of speed, distance and convenience. There are many ways in which this can be done: separate cycle and walk ways, bus lanes, bus gates, bridges or tunnels solely for sustainable modes.”

The training (and the guidance) covers a broad range of topics which will give you an appreciation of the subject – there is far more to the subject than sticking a couple of bollards in the ground!

We should have the final package ready later this month. The guidance document will be issued for free. If your organisation would benefit from our training, then please contact us and we can discuss pricing. The training session can be delivered either as a half-day session with a short workshop, or tailored as a full-day session with a more detailed workshop which can be used to discuss and debate any real schemes you might be thinking about.


Australia Road, White City – modal filtering on a grand scale!

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